order Varian Arabians
EMAIL me for PASSWORD to open Shutterfly site.,
Allows you to view and order from all my past VARIAN shoots at Shutterfly customer cost without any added cost. Therefore no profit for me.
For personal use only.
Commercial use remains Copyright protected. All commercial use requires expressed written consent from photographer.
Photo credit appreicated.

website - Better Photo
WEB SITE / User friendly world wide web site to help the budding, as well as professional photographer impove their skills thru continuing education, news letters and photo contests with fellow photographers from all corners of the globe.

website - County Saddlery
Shirley Fargason your Georgia / Tenn. Representative -(770) 894-9730 / Shirley@countrysaddlery.com /YOUR COMPLETE SOURCE FOR SADDLE FITTING. CLINICS & PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS.

website - Fiona Purdy Art
I am honored to have Fiona uses some of my images (with permission of course) as inspiration for her some of incredible masterpieces.

website- Parelli Natural Horsemanship
For those who chose to develop partnership and lead with their hearts .What every horse wishes humans knew.

website-Angels On Horse Back
Angels On Horseback Therapeutic Riding Program
provides recreational horseback riding lessons to individuals with mental or physical disabilities in Northwest Georgia. The physical and emotional benefits of riding a horse can be life changing.
Funded by volunteers & donations. Help of any sort always welcome,
Founded by Leslie Elliott

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Understanding copyright.